Friday, March 28, 2014

They're coming to our field and taking all our jobs! (Well, not really.)

A commenter asked: How many jobs advertised in German studies end up going to people outside of the field?

The answers is: not many. Graduates of American German Studies grad programs have a lock on the tenure-track German Studies jobs in the U.S.

In the sample of 148 people who earned Ph.D.s in 2007 or later and were hired into assistant professor-level tenure-track jobs advertised in 2006 or later, only ten (6.8%) did not hold a Ph.D. from a German Studies Ph.D. program located in North America. Two held Ph.D.s granted by German universities, while the other eight had degrees in comparative literature.

On the other hand, four of those comp lit degrees came out of one program: the University of Pennsylvania. Only twelve German Studies programs had more total tenure-track placements.

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