Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome to the German Studies trainwreck

This post will not be terribly useful. It's just a placeholder.

This blog will not be terribly useful to you unless you teach German at the university level, have a Ph.D. in German, are working on a Ph.D. in German, or are contemplating going to grad school in German.

This blog will not be updated frequently. You won't find up-to-the minute updates or witty banter. There may be about five posts total before this blog goes dark.

What you will find are some solidly researched posts to explain a few basic questions:
  • Why can't you find a job?
  • Why is your career so screwed up?
  • Why is our discipline such a mess?
  • How does the job market in German really work?
This blog will not help you get a job. It won't help you fix your career. It won't help us repair our screwed-up discipline. None of that can happen until you and we figure out the hard facts of the situation we're in and deal with the unvarnished truth. This blog can at least help with that.

In the upcoming posts, I'll present facts and figures that I've collected by my own efforts, but it's absurd that our professional organizations aren't already doing this, or have been doing it wrong for 50 years.

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